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Electric Racing

at the University of Michigan


Our team is committed to upholding the excellence in electric and mechanical engineering demonstrated at the University of Michigan. We aim to spread awareness of the capabilities and benefits of clean electric vehicular technology by involving students from all disciplines and complementing course work with real life engineering experiences and atmospheres.

Our Bikes



With the backing of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and our generous corporate sponsors, we are utilizing new technologies to show that electric energy is the future. Join our team as we build world record-breaking, highly competitive drag and circuit racing motorcycles. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our second bike, Spark, in late 2016.

Chronos raced in the 48 V Street legal class under the National Electric Drag Race Association (NEDRA) and set two world records in the 1/8 and 1/4 mile drag races.”

Technical Information

Build Name: Chronos

Top Speed: 65.69 mph

Weight: 370 lbs

Date Completed: Spring 2015

Series: National Electric Drag Racing Association

Competitions: 1/8 mile Drag Race (48 V Class), 1/4 mile Drag Race (48 V Class)

1/8 Mile Race: 10.94 sec at 59.84 mph

1/4 Mile Race: 17.99 sec at 65.69 mph

Competition dates: September 9th, 2015 and November 11th, 2015

Chassis: 1997 Suzuki Katana (GSX 600F)

Controller: Alltrax SPM 48800

Motor: Mote Energy ME1004

Torque: 120 ft-lbs

Batteries: Lonestar EV Lithium Cobalt Oxide

Voltage: 48 V

Current: 800 A

Battery Ampere-Hours: 9 AH



This is our second motorbike that we plan to race at the start of Summer 2017. We are currently nearly finished with the manufacturing process, hoping to complete the bike by mid-February. After that we will test all systems to ensure that the bike is able to race in June.

Technical Information

Build Name: Spark

Expected Date of Completion: June 2017

Series: eMotoRacing

Competition Date: Fall 2016

Chassis: 2001 Yamaha R1

Controller: Emdrive 500

Motor: Emrax 228

Torque: 240 Nm

Batteries: A123 8s5p

Voltage: 105 V

Current: 800 A

Battery Ampere-Hours: 20 AH

Woahh! The semester is almost over, and finals are coming!! Our Spark is finishing up strong to be ready for summer competitions!! #journeytoisleofman #spark #sustainability #motorcycle #emoto #electric #electrical #engineering #uofm #umich #umichengin #Sparker #business #wolverines #motorcycle #bikersofinstagram #bikelife #goblue

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Our Story

We began as four University of Michigan Engineering students modifying an old beat up motorcycle as a summer project. In just a few short years, we've become a world-record holding design team backed by one of the most reputable engineering institutions in America. Our first two years saw us establish our team within the University of Michigan and re-outfit our first electric motorcycle: Chronos.

After securing the world records for the 1/4 and 1/8 mile drag races in the 48 Volt class, we headed back to the drawing board for our next bike: Spark. While we built this motorcycle, our team grew and we developed a business sub-team just as strong as our engineering side. After spending 2016 working tirelessly to forge new partnerships, maintain sponsor relationships, and rebrand our image, our team is ready to show the world what we have in store for 2017.

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