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Team Captain: Asher Feigenbaum

Asher studies Mechanical Engineering and is set to graduate in April, 2018. As the Team Captain he leads team meetings, facilitates administrative communication and supervises the on-time completion of tasks and milestones. In the future Asher plans to enter the energy industry with a focus in the nuclear sector and eventually pursue a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Engineering Project Manager: Swagat Tripathy

Swag is a Senior pursuing a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He joined SPARK Electric Racing in the Fall of 2015. He currently serves as the Engineering Project Manager of SPARK Electric Racing. His duties involve overseeing all engineering design and manufacturing processes and timeline, as well as providing guidance for both team officers and new team members in all their technical endeavors. Previously, Swag held the position of Director of Engineering where he was responsible for similar duties, and he was heavily involved in the design of the full electrical system. After graduation, Swag wants to continue designing and building electric vehicles in his free time while pursuing a career in financial technology.

Business Project Manager: Nathan Renn Tattrie

Nate is a third year student at the University of Michigan who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is minoring in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. The major and minor combination Nate selected allows him to acquire any and all skills needed to excel in the career path he chooses. Nate’s main role in SPARK is to oversee the team’s Public Relations and Finances and to delegate tasks throughout the Business Team. Beyond SPARK, Nate is a member of TEDxUofM’s Speaker Team where he recruits and coaches speakers.

Mechanical Lead: Abrielle Sommers

Abby studies Mechanical Engineering and Spanish, supplemented with an International Minor for Engineers. Post graduation she wants to work in the auto industry, specifically in manufacturing. She hopes to bring together her passions for Spanish and manufacturing through traveling while working within the auto industry. Her love for meeting new people and creating new things serves her well as the Mechanical Lead on SPARK Electric Racing.

Electrical Lead: Peter Fitchen

Peter is a junior pursuing degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. As head of the electrical team, he leads the research, design, assembly, and testing of the electrical systems on the motorcycle. After completing his studies, he wants to work as an electromechanical systems engineer in an innovative and challenging industry that solves real world engineering problems.

Aerodynamics Lead: Vishnu Pillai

Vishnu is a fourth-year student in mechanical engineering. He has a passion for all things cars, motorcycles, and racing, which has led him to spend time in Formula SAE and now SPARK. With the team he is leading the design and manufacturing of custom carbon fiber fairings. His career interests lie in automotive, aerospace, and defense. Vishnu recently completed an internship with Detroit automotive startup, Rivian Automotive, as a vehicle integration engineer. Outside of SPARK, his hobbies include photography, travelling, and tennis.

Public Relations Lead: Jay Chopra

Jay is a dual degree sophomore pursuing Art and Business at the University of Michigan who specializes in multidisciplinary collaboration. In his 2 years on the team, he has spearheaded a comprehensive rebrand, aided in a team restructure, and helped recruit some of Michigan’s best and brightest to help our team eventually compete at the Isle of Man TT. Aside from managing the image of SPARK, Jay spends his weekends as a DJ for various social events

Finance and Analysis Lead: Hon Kwok

Hon is a third year Computer Science Engineering student at the University of Michigan. As the lead for Finance & Analysis she works closely with the university to ensure proper financial accountability. Outside of working with the team she enjoys working on personal projects often involving UI/UX, Computer Security, and Mobile/Web Development.

The Team

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Arjun Aggarwal

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Sangam Munsiff

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Tom Walkinshaw

Sravan Balaji

Mitch Danowski

Cullen Hoffman

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Vishnu Pillai

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